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Our team at America Bless God wants you to help spread this message far and wide!

America Bless God!

The concept is pretty simple: Mindful living with God and others at the forefront.

We want to be blessed by God as individuals, families, communities and as a country. For that to become a reality again in America, we must recognize that blessings come from God to those who honor Him.

Traditionally, the message–God Bless America—has been seen on roadway signs, license plates, and even printed on t-shirts and hats. It is, and has been for decades, an integral part of many community meetings, religious gatherings, patriotic celebrations, and memorial services across America. 

However, sometimes true meaning gets lost in familiarity and fails to continue to inspire action or enthusiasm. It becomes just something to say because others have said it so many times before.

It’s time to take this traditional slogan and rethink what really needs to take place. It means turning this slogan on its head and giving ownership and responsibility of freedom and blessings back into the hands and hearts of the people, like you and me! It means that Americans must bless God and begin now!

America has been a great country. Millions of sincere-hearted citizens desire, and even ache, for the return of safety, goodness, and prosperity to this once great and greatly revered land. It is still full of great communities with great people. However, many people agree that we are in dire need of blessings from God now more than ever!

God, our Creator, is the Author of Life and the Source of what it means to live with goodness and real purpose.

As in the Bible, when people turn their hearts toward their Maker and acknowledge His leadership with trusting faith and humility, He hears from Heaven and rains down blessings and goodness upon His people.

This is our desire at America Bless God. We believe that you too, want this for your life, family, community, and country!

This is a call for each of us, created in the image of God, to be who we were made to be…to live how we were made to live…and to bless God by doing just that!

As the Author of life, God has the answer to every issue known to humanity; every issue any of us will ever face. Truth exists, and guess what? It is not just a random subjective whim according to each person’s opinion. He alone brings real life and truth instead of confusion!

Answer the call! Reach up and reach out! Spread the message!

Each of us has the capacity and potential to bless God through our individual and distinct giftedness, personality, and abilities. Only you can uniquely touch the people with whom you come into contact. It is a simple matter of making one choice at a time.

In each moment, with a mind to be a blessing, giving the gift of thoughtful consideration to another, you can bless God.

You see, blessing others blesses God.

Come alive again! Help spread the message of hope and truth through teaming up with us at America Bless God! 

Our lives and our futures depend on returning to our Creator with humble recognition of His loving Father-heart. He promises that He will hear and see from Heaven and heal our land!

America! Bless God! And let it begin with you and me!

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