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About our founder

It is out of her deep love for God that the vision of “America-Bless God” was formed

About our Founder

Sharon Lomax is the mother of five grown children and the grandmother of fourteen precious grandchildren. She has been married to her husband, Jerry, for forty-four years.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Colorado Christian University, which she earned at the age of sixty-one after focusing on homeschooling her five children for a total of over 20 years. She is passionate about deep, meaningful connections and relationships with every person God brings into her life.

It is out of her deep love for God that the vision of “America – Bless God” was formed. Like so many who are seeking God, and who are heartbroken about the evil that is running rampant in our world, Sharon has a deep concern about the direction that our country has been moving. During a time of personal Bible reading, prayer and reflection, God impressed on her heart that He cannot bless America unless America FIRST blesses Him. She came away from that time of connection with the Father with the conviction that this nation cannot, will not, be blessed unless the individual people that make up America turn their hearts to Him.

“America – Bless God” is the specific message that God impressed upon her heart and one that she hopes and prays this country will embrace. Only then can God bless America. It is Sharon’s conviction that it will only be as each one of us in our private lives turn our hearts and actions to God that our nation’s health can be restored. Also, as relationships with God are restored, connections with each other will also be healed.

Sharon’s prayer is that you will individually and personally join her in the mission of turning America’s heart to God.

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